Samovar Tea Lounge

Restaurant Review: Samovar Tea Lounge, Yerba Buena Gardens
Crowd: Power lunchers in blazers and ties seeking a mini retreat, creative minds, and refined tourists
Peaceful, calm
Decor: City-zen, modern, bright, natural light, neutral and warm color scheme, silk fabrics, Buddha statue, various tea vessels
Layout: Indoors: Tea bar, wooden tables, bench seats.  Outdoors: wicker  and metal outdoor chairs and tables
Portion Size : Just right to large
Imbibe: The Masala Chai and Ocean of Wisdom
Enjoy: The Cherry Oat Scone with Devonshire Cream and Jam – makes me salivate just thinking about them!
Waist Slimmers : Almost everything on the menu!
Price: $45.61; Two people, 2 Masala Chai’s, Grilled Portabella Sandwich, and Braised Tofu Over Spring Greens

This is my favorite daytime restaurant in SOMA. I like to schedule my meetings, bring all of my guests, chill out, heck even have my bridal shower here. Not only is the atmosphere unlike any place else in the city, the food is honest, clean, and delicious. Not to mention they have the best chai in the city. It’s worth every calorie and penny. The calories comes from the whole milk. The culturally diverse menu offers choices from brunch to dinner, small sharing plates to a comprehensive tea and food pairing service. Teas have endless amount of good nutrients and healing properties. Samovar’s teas originate from Europe to Asia, all carefully chosen, bought in small quantities to assure freshness, from small, fair-trade purveyors served in specific teaware. The two other locations serve the same menu and teas, but have a slightly different personality of their own. Yet, all three convey Samovar’s message: “Practice Peace, Drink Tea.” I could sit for hours, sip on tea, nibble on the scone, reading a book overlooking the Yerba Buena waterfall and garden. Club Dine In! approved.

The Ambiance:

Neutral and warm colors, low lines, and floor to ceiling windows create a feeling of serenity.

Samovar comes from Russia

Iron cast tea pots

The patio view

Yerba Buena Gardens below the restaurant

The Food:

Masala Chai

Braised Tofu Over Spring Greens

Grilled Portabella & Onions, w/ Gruyere Cheese

Indian Tofu Curry, Basmati Rice, & Masala Chai


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