Every aspect of food is interesting to me- from learning about the chemistry of each ingredient, to how it affects our mind and body, to how it satisfies our soul and palate. So, this is where I take a simple dish and deconstruct it for it’s nutritional value. I only cook with the freshest ingredients and use minimally processed foods, so rest assured it’s already very healthy.  Fresh vegetables and fruits do not claim any health benefits on their no packaging, but they provide a bountiful of benefits for our mind, body, and soul. Food grown in rich soil without pesticides provide more nutrition than anything manufactured. Our bodies can naturally digest and process it. These recipes are mostly quick and simple to make- perfect for any busy person. Everything I make has been inspired by meals at restaurants, family, friends, cookbooks, and the Food Network. I am horrible at following recipes and usually improvise with ingredients and methods that I am comfortable using. I believe my dishes taste really good because they are fresh, locally grown, seasonal, and pesticide-free. After all, being healthy and fit is not achieved by mindless eating! Before you put it in your mouth, think about what the food provides you.




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