I love comments and feedback so please don’t hesitate to contact me. I also do private Ayurvedic nutrition consultations. Please send me an email with your inquiries and I will happily reply as soon as possible.
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Can I write a guest post in your blog?
I am always looking for guest bloggers who have the same passion for healthy nutrition and lifestyle. If that’s you, send me a private email and we can maybe work something out.

Can you do a guest post in my blog?
I would love to check out the blog and have a conversation with the writer/owner of the blog.


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. We were visiting in Kauai last week and enjoyed our trips to the local markets. At one of the markets we bought the low acid pinapples from Alena Farms… do you know how I can get hold of them directly?

    Thank you – Julie

    • Hi Julie! I am not entirely sure where you can get pineapples in the States. I only shop at the Farmer’s Markets and pick up only local/seasonal produce at the grocery stores. Please do let me know if you find these pineapples.

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