Cookbook Potluck Club

Purpose: To promote eating freshly cooked meals at home more often. At Club Dine In! beginner cooks, professional chefs and even Iron Chefs are all welcome. This club is about eating well and having fun while doing it. It is also to encourage you to break out of your eating mold and explore unfamiliar ingredients.

Here is how it works: On a first-come basis, up to 15 members can sign-up to participate in this cookbook club focused exclusively on food literature and cooking. Participation includes reading and cooking through the cookbook(s) selected, attending one informally moderated group discussion, and showing off all that you learned in a potluck. Members will stay connected through an online forum to share ideas, experiences and suggestions with each other.

Cookbook Club April 7th-May 1st 2010

“Where does your food come from and why does it matter?” is the theme for this month’s cookbook club. The cookbook selection for April is “Organic Marin: Recipes from Land to Table,” by Tim Porter and Farina Wong Kingsley. We will explore the benefits of eating fresh, local, in season ingredients by cooking through the “Spring” and “Summer” chapters.  The cookbook is vegetarian and meat-lover friendly.

Summary of the first segment:

For the first installment of Club Dine In!’s Cookbook Potluck Club, I choose “Organic Marin: From Land to Table” by Tim Porter and Farina Kingsley, for members to cook from and learn about Marin producers. On April 7th, we had an informal meeting for members to become acquainted with the book, meet each other, and learned about Community Supported Agriculture. We had a delicious raffle prize donated by Rustic Bakery and a special Olive Oil and Balsmic Vinegar tasting bar set up by We Olive SF.  In addition, we had a very delicious spread of organic appetizers, sparkling citrus refreshments, and wine.

At the potluck event on May 1st, everyone feasted on delicious food each member made from the cookbook. Tim Porter, author and photographer of the cookbook, came by and gave us insight on the making of the cookbook. We had Liz, from Straus Family Creamery, show us how to make fresh butter and gave members coupons for free Straus products. Rustic Bakery donated their organic flat bread and an accompanying  Meyer lemon Gruyere cheese spread. Stone Edge Farm donated a case of their organic 2006 Surround Cabernet Sauvignon, which we raffled off one bottle. Most of all, We Olive San Francisco, hosted our event and provided members discounts and tastings on their California extra-virgin olive oils and artisan vinegars.


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