My Eating Style

Always My diet consists of fresh, seasonal foods. Lots and lots of vegetables. However, I am not a strict vegetarian. On occasion, I enjoy eating eggs, poultry, and seafood. I do not eat red meat, pork, or any exotic animals. I never turn a blind eye to the source of these foods. The source is very, very important to me. What kind of farm did the chicken/eggs come from? Is the fish endangered or has too much mercury? Though, I have been a vegetarian on each Monday and Tuesday for the last 20 something years and will always be- no exceptions ever! “No Meat Mondays” maybe a hot trend, but it’s a lifestyle for me. I prefer to make and eat my own food, because I can trace the origin of each ingredient and I can control what goes into it. No thank-you to toxins and pollutants on my plate. I shop at the Farmer’s Market and grocery stores that have a large variety of local, organic, and seasonal food.  I follow the rules of the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15. Oh, never skimp on breakfast!

Most importantly, I listen to my body when I eat. I follow the principles of Ayurveda and eat according to my body type. Well, I try my best! Ayurveda’s principles on eating are: eating timely meals, eating in season, eating fresh, unprocessed foods, and eating according to your health. I will expand on Ayurveda on this site very soon!

I eat smaller meals and only when I am hungry. “Why am I eating this and what effect does it have on my mind and body?” are questions I always ask myself when I am biting into something. I try to do my best to avoid processed food.

Restaurants I am a foodie and I just love to eat out. Satish and I have a social, spontaneous lifestyle, so it’s hard to plan every meal. So, I always choose the best restaurants. When I say best, I mean restaurants that embrace seasonal, farm fresh cooking.  I try to make the healthiest choices from the menu and frequent restaurants/cafes that has a farm-to-table mission. I try to avoid food that has a lot of butter, fat, and sugar.  Also, I always share my meal. Satish and I only get 1-2 appetizers and one entrée. Normally, this is just the right amount of food for us. No matter where I am eating-at a friend’s house, Aunty Sugar and Fat, my parents, food trucks, or Mamacita- the game plan is always the same! Portion control, fresh, seasonal vegetables, and “clean” meat.

Sweet tooth I have a big sweet tooth. Actually, I have a mouth full of sweet teeth. Desserts are my downfall. But, I have learned to choose wisely. I only eat desserts that don’t have any preservatives or hard to pronounce ingredients in them. I never, ever eat pre-packaged desserts. My taste buds have been tuned to high quality tasting sweets. Home Run Pies and Musketeers are a distant memory. No point in wasting calories and good health to bad sweets.  Hey, if I am going to be bad, it might as well be from the really good stuff. On average, I have a sweet treat once a week. It’s really hard to do, especially on emotional days. And it’s a constant work in progress, but I don’t feel deprived. Actually, I am very satisfied when I do eat dessert. One more thing, I almost never make desserts and only keep really dark chocolate chips in the pantry.

farm fresh veggies, please!

veggies, fruit, and artisanal goods galore!

Seasonal Blueberry Addiction

I don't drink alcohol as much anymore 😉

No glorified, crappy desserts for me!



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