How to Shed the Pounds When They Won’t Seem to Budge

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How to Shed the Pounds When They Won’t Seem to Budge

Sometimes you do all the right things and yet, you’re still not losing weight. It’s frustrating and annoying to say the least, and it causes a lot of people to mosey on down to the Golden Corral, pausing ever so slightly before opening the door to reconsider, and then pushing forward and diving head first into buffet bliss. I can’t blame you. Many times I’ve been equally frustrated and annoyed and drowned my sorrows in chocolate covered caramels and white chocolate truffles. (Shockingly those did nothing to make me feel better afterwards.)

If you feel you’re in a weight loss rut, there are a few things you can review about your lifestyle that maybe with a minor adjustment here and there can translate into newfound weight loss joy. With me, once I started keeping a food journal I found that I was able to shed a few of the stubborn pounds, plus I ate much better (because who wants to see buttered popcorn, chocolate chip cookies and three glasses of wine staring back at you in your own handwriting? It’s eye-opening when you begin to become accountable for what you ingest!)

So here’s another list (before starting this blog earlier this year, I was never a list person… and now I’m all about them, a rabid list maker if you will) on things you should take a look at to see if maybe a little adjustment is all you need to get your body burning those calories again!

1 – Are you getting enough sleep? Big important question here. I pretty much always get eight hours of sleep. I’m a sleeper, I love my bed and I love being in it. Now some people are five to six-hour sleepers and then set off for a marathon kind of day, shuttling kids off to school, attending all sorts of work meetings, then preparing dinner and helping with homework. Half way through the day they’re bleary eyed looking for their next caffeine fix. Your body needs rest and relief from the day’s activities. Some proper sleep just may be the ticket that will allow you to eat better and exercise more.

2 – You’re skipping meals. Going too long without eating sends messages to your brain that you’re in starvation mode and guess what? It’s the fat cells that bunker down and refuse to burn off in times like these. Instead your body starts looking at your lean mass as proper food and starts churning away at it. Not good. Don’t go too long without eating, it messes up your metabolism and your blood sugar levels. Eat every three hours so you never hear the rumbling of the belly beast…  besides, it leads to embarrassing moments and comments/smirks from others!

3 – You’re not exercising enough. Or at all! Please don’t be an “or at all” person, that just makes me sad. If you’re consuming calories on a daily basis, then you should be burning some of those same calories on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be anything major, just look at what Monday’s blog suggested (another list) and try to incorporate some of those fabulous ideas into your life. And for the casual exerciser, once a week ain’t gonna cut it if you’re looking for weight loss. It’s commitment time and your number is up. Make it a point to attend more classes or hire a personal trainer, they’ll help keep you honest and motivated. Exercise does a body good so make sure you’re getting in enough of it.

4 – You’re ODing on mocha frappucinos. Calories galore lurk in all sorts of creative drinks that specialty shops create in some ill-conceived effort to inject the population with sugar, causing them to all come back for more. (Sugary drinks = More money for the Man.) Just the other day a barista informed me before I ordered that they were out of the gingerbread flavor so he couldn’t make a gingerbread latte but he happily suggested a peppermint mocha latte with a shot of caramel and whipped cream on top or a creme brulee latte with the caramel and whipped cream additions, they’re both delicious he said. No kidding. A drink with a bucket of sugar thrown in would probably taste great and get my head and body spinning in all sorts of directions for the next hour. I declined both offers for an iced tea (but not after having to say no six times to the dude… he was very persistent that I consume a bucket of sugar. My guess is he was flying high from a caramel mocha creme brulee peppermint gingerbread—that’s where it must have all gone—latte himself.) Be careful what you drink, those calories count just the same as food calories.

5 – Your weekends are an orgy filled food fest. I used to be of the thinking that since I was so good all week-long that the weekends didn’t count, like the calories lifted magically off my body and into the vast black hole that was my weekend. Not the case. Dinner and drinks with friends on the weekend add up big time. Going out to dinner can easily lead to an extra days worth of calories being consumed and you don’t even realize it because, hey, it’s the weekend… I deserve a little fun. If your weekends are turning into diet pitfalls, you need to rethink your plan. Don’t ‘save’ your calories for when you’re out, that’s bogus and doesn’t work. Eat throughout the day and even right before you go out because a slightly filled belly won’t have you jumping into the bread basket when it rears it’s warm, soft and crusty head. You’ll have more control and will feel much better come Monday.

This post was originally published on December 7, 2010.

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Fitness Fridays: Using Geo-Location Apps to Keep Me Honest

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Last year, I excitedly started using FourSquare. I thought it was cool to check-in to places and share it with my social network.  There was a lot, a lot of hype surrounding geo-location apps. And living in San Francisco, it’s hard to not get caught up in it. Though, after awhile, I got the check-in fatigue. Not all of my friends were using FourSquare and then Facebook Places rolled out, and I didn’t know which service would reap the highest rewards in the long-run. Also, coverage in SF often times really sucks so checking in isn’t a smooth, quick process. Then I heard from a trusted source that mostly only guys check-in and noticed that  most of the pending friend requests on FourSquare were from guys I don’t know. Naturally, I was creeped out  and decided checking in wasn’t so cool anymore. Also, I am not a fan of re-creating a new social network on every site, platform, and app.

It was expected that the geo-location apps would roll out new location based  services that made sense of all the check-ins, so the places I check-in into now are the gym and places related to my start-up or Club Dine In.

One of my new year’s resolutions was to workout four times a week, and checking into the gym or Marina Greens helps me keep track of that goal. Also, it makes me a little more motivated to actually leave my apartment and workout. (The gym is too far from my apartment for me to fake a check-in). I have tried becoming the mayor of the gym, but a personal trainer of the gym is holding onto that mayorship. IMHO, employees should have a different mayorship for working there and checking in. It’s annoying.

Anyway, I am really liking Foursquare 3.0, because now all of those check-ins make sense and are going to result in real-life rewards like personal recommendations. Though, until I am assured that checking in is leveled by both males and females and enough of my real friends join in on checking-in, I will keep my check-ins reserved for Glamour Games and Club Dine In purposes (which includes fitness and eating well).

Do you use FourSquare, Facebook Places, or any other geo-location apps?

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Boot Camp Progress

Week 5: I was really proud of myself last week. I was able to run continuously without gasping for air or feeling like I was going to throw-up. I was ahead of the class at times or right in the middle- not last. And I was still sore all week. (I think of being sore as a victory).  This morning’s workout was  good; I did better than I thought. Am I seeing results? I feel stronger and healthier, but I don’t notice any weight loss. I think I am building more muscle, which weighs more than fat. However, my waist is not shrinking! Going to keep at it and continue to stop eating sugary foods.

Week 4: Some days are harder and some easier. Just when I am getting used to the drills, something new is added to the mix. Which is a good thing, because the body has the incredible ability to adapt and get bored. I am eating a lot more, because I am truly hungrier. We blast about a 1000 or so calories in 60 minutes and my metabolism is in high gear for rest of the day. It’s a good feeling. But I have to try really hard to keep snacking smarter. Almond butter and organic apples, homemade dressing with salads, eggs, lentils, and water-based curries (most in restaurants are made with whole fat yogurt and cream).

Gained It and Now Loosing It

A few months after we started dating, still a size 2.

I had been fortunate to be on the thinner side my whole life, being able to get away with eating a whole 6” cake as my day’s meal to 3 AM post debauchery, juicy turkey burgers. Then, I turned 26, and these careless eating habits finally caught up to me. I’d like to blame my boyfriend, turned fiancé, turned husband for this extra weight. My consumption size had gone up, since my significant other had a metabolism of a 16 year old and yet a perfect 29” waist size, and my activity level had not increased. Or it could be from the satisfaction of being completely in love. Or maybe biology has some part to do with it- my body is changing. Whatever the reasons maybe, I need to make serious lifestyle changes if I still want to look hot in my backless, mini dresses. Not to mention, chase the kids I will have someday around the park. This means, saving dessert for truly dessert deserving moments and amping up the workout regime.

Picking out our registry gifts, size creeping up steadily.

I love to workout- but just not to the point where I feel like my lungs are going to burst or getting dirty outdoors. Though, I know only a diet change isn’t going to help me loose the extra weight. I decided to join the outdoor Boot Camp classes offered by my gym. I know this is going to be a whole different demon- since the entire class is outdoors, rain, fog, wind, or shine. So here is pushing myself to the limit, while being mindful about what I eat.

5 months after getting married, gained major poundage!

Stay tuned for my progress!