Working It Off

Boot Camp Progression
The plan has been to do boot camp three times a week, with Pilates and light cardio on the off days. So far, I have not been able to stick to a schedule. It all boils down discipline and being accountable. And of course, waking up on time early enough to make it to the sessions.
Week 1: Boot Camp or any other fitness class is pretty intimidating for first timers. You don’t want to be the slowest runner, the one who can’t coordinate hands and feet, the one who lifts up her/his left leg, even though the instructor said the right. I was happy to find my best friend in this first class. She is more fit than I am, but she is understanding and knows where my strengths and weaknesses lay. I didn’t need to prove anything to her! She also calls me to make sure I am going to the next class. Running up the steep hills of Presidio, lunging and squatting up and down the Lyon Street Steps,  push-ups on the hard, cold concrete, are just a few of the things we did in the grueling 60 minutes. I hated that I was almost the last one to make it up the hills and one of the first ones to take a break. I thought about quitting half way through the class, but I was determined. The next couple of days, I was completely sore, but convinced myself to keeping going to the gym and work through the soreness. Not to mention, my craving for more wholesome food started to overtake my sweet, carb cravings.
Week 2: To say in the least, the first class seemed like it was the baby boot camp class! Lunges on the ledge, crunches and planks on the vertical sandbox, running up to Inspiration Point…I barely made it. I had no idea how out of shape my heart was! The mixed bursts of cardio with strength conditioning left me gasping and coughing. It is true- skinny doesn’t mean heart healthy. I have to admit, I am not very athletic and it’s hard! I have always been the girl that was picked last in P.E. and always chose the easiest route of being sidelined during sporting activities. If only I knew at the age of 10 that one day I would be pudgy and my heart would be so out of shape from lack of exercise.  Anyway, after a hot shower and a yummy lentil salad, I convinced myself that it will all be worth it in the end. Mentally, I keep picturing how I used to look and how I look now. This alone is enough to keep me pushing harder. Satish and I do eat nutritionally sound most of the time, but I have a penchant for carbs-baaaad carbs! The only way boot camp and hard work in the gym is going to payoff is by eating better. Or at least cutting out the sweet stuff.
Week 3: From the gym, we ran up to Lyon Street Steps. I did much better. I was able to breathe without feeling like my lungs were going to jump out of my chest and I actually enjoyed the drills. Not to mention the breathtaking views! Even though, it looked like it would rain any second, the view of the Marina, Marin County, and Angel Island is a retreat after running up and down all those steps.  I highly recommend everyone visiting the Lyon Street Steps, whether to exercise or just to be mesmerized by San Francisco’s beauty!


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