Monday Confession

I ate cake and lots of it! Starting Thursday night, we went out to dinner with a great friend at Terzo, and could not resist the flourless chocolate cake with burnt caramel ice-cream. At lease the three of us shared the dessert. I was so glad I worked out super hard that morning!

at Rustic Bakery in Larkspur

On Friday, Satish and I went to Rustic Bakery to pickup goods they were donating for Club Dine In!’s Cookbook Potluck event. While waiting, we decided to indulge in their all organic almond croissant and latte made with Straus organic, whole milk.
Afterward, I went to the gym and worked out intensely. It seemed like all that sugar and fat gave me energy to run 3 miles, strength train, and take a hardcore class. On Saturday, at the potluck event, I had a generous helping of my husband’s organic Meyer lemon jam cake and a glass of red wine. Does cooking for two hours count as some sort of physical activity?
The next day, a bunch of us went to the Divisadero farmer’s market for brunch. I shared a fresh fig danish and juicy chicken burger on a brioche bun from Sf Grill with my hubby. Later, we checked out the new pop culture restaurant, American Cupcake. I justified it was for the blog-piece I am working on. (This is the blog-piece!) The moment I stepped in American Cupcake, I planned the next three visits back already. Candyland for grown-ups! We had waffle fries drizzled in blue cheese and buffalo sauce. Then, we shared a cotton candy cupcake. We kept it light and had a cucumber salad and oranges for dinner.  Oh, I am looking forward to boot camp this evening.

What is your Monday Confession?


One thought on “Monday Confession

  1. Nimisha,

    I love your site! Congratulations on the launch of Club Dine In – what a great idea! Really looking forward to attending your next events.

    See you soon : )

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