Boot Camp Progress

Week 5: I was really proud of myself last week. I was able to run continuously without gasping for air or feeling like I was going to throw-up. I was ahead of the class at times or right in the middle- not last. And I was still sore all week. (I think of being sore as a victory).  This morning’s workout was  good; I did better than I thought. Am I seeing results? I feel stronger and healthier, but I don’t notice any weight loss. I think I am building more muscle, which weighs more than fat. However, my waist is not shrinking! Going to keep at it and continue to stop eating sugary foods.

Week 4: Some days are harder and some easier. Just when I am getting used to the drills, something new is added to the mix. Which is a good thing, because the body has the incredible ability to adapt and get bored. I am eating a lot more, because I am truly hungrier. We blast about a 1000 or so calories in 60 minutes and my metabolism is in high gear for rest of the day. It’s a good feeling. But I have to try really hard to keep snacking smarter. Almond butter and organic apples, homemade dressing with salads, eggs, lentils, and water-based curries (most in restaurants are made with whole fat yogurt and cream).

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