No Offfice To Go To…

Tomorrow is bike to work day, an event I would definitely participate in, if I had an office to go to. Until recently, I was part of the telecommuting culture- my office was in Houston, TX and I live in San Francisco, CA. I have not had an office to go to in about 3 years. So I made offices out of my bedroom, my dining room, many, many cafes, airports, and even in the middle of a rain forest in Jamaica. Albeit, I was sitting on the balcony of our five star room.  My laptop became an extension of myself. Telecommuting had liberated me in so many ways. I was rather stress-free- no fighting traffic, no bad office coffee, or indulging the office’s Gossip Girl. I, also, got to set my schedule. As long as I met all deadlines and was available by phone and email, I could travel, socialize or take care of personal business as I wished. Another bonus, I didn’t have to get out of  my PJs. There was a bonus for the environment and economy, as well.  A gallon of gasoline produces 19.4 pounds of carbon dioxide; I’ve reduced my carbon footprint by 3,725 pounds a year! I also used the money not spent on $4/gallon of gasoline on really nice shoes.


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