My Sustainable Holiday Table

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Last month for Thanksgiving, Phantom Floranista and I collaborated to make a beautiful Thanksgiving table arrangement. We tried to use all compostable and sustainable materials to create a feeling of warmth, abundance of food, and elegance. The table arrangement was so beautiful that I had a hard time taking it apart once Thanksgiving was over and it was time to transition into Christmas. Therefore, we consumed all of the edible fruit and composted the flowers and some of the leaves. Even though, we didn’t have any specific plans to entertain during this month, I just had to do something with the table now that Phantom Floranista showed me the basics of floral arrangement. We also got our first tree as a married couple this year and decided to really get into the spirit of things by decorating our apartment. Inspired by magazines and in-store displays, I bought extra glass ornaments and other decorative knickknacks to put on our long, rosewood table.

I carefully placed large, round ornaments in places where the apples, corn, pomegranates, and mandarins were for the Thanksgiving table.

I also placed a few taller ornaments to give height and character.


I also replaced the Fairy Tale pumpkin with a cubed vase filled with ornaments and decorative balls for the centerpiece. I bought the red cubed vase last year and filled the bottom with tissue to prop up the decorative pieces. I also used  tall candles that I already had to give more height and depth.

I covered up an empty aluminum can into a festive utensil holder with tissue paper, rubber band, ribbon, and an ornament.

Please share your holiday decorating tips and pictures!

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No Offfice To Go To…

Tomorrow is bike to work day, an event I would definitely participate in, if I had an office to go to. Until recently, I was part of the telecommuting culture- my office was in Houston, TX and I live in San Francisco, CA. I have not had an office to go to in about 3 years. So I made offices out of my bedroom, my dining room, many, many cafes, airports, and even in the middle of a rain forest in Jamaica. Albeit, I was sitting on the balcony of our five star room.  My laptop became an extension of myself. Telecommuting had liberated me in so many ways. I was rather stress-free- no fighting traffic, no bad office coffee, or indulging the office’s Gossip Girl. I, also, got to set my schedule. As long as I met all deadlines and was available by phone and email, I could travel, socialize or take care of personal business as I wished. Another bonus, I didn’t have to get out of  my PJs. There was a bonus for the environment and economy, as well.  A gallon of gasoline produces 19.4 pounds of carbon dioxide; I’ve reduced my carbon footprint by 3,725 pounds a year! I also used the money not spent on $4/gallon of gasoline on really nice shoes.