Fitness Fridays: What’s In Your Backayard

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Going for a hike does not have to be a big excursion (like hopping on a plane and traversing through a thick rainforest)- all you need are shoes with good grip and a park. The world is full of natural and man-made parks.  Don’t feel like you need to an expert about trees and birds to go on a hike. It really is about just getting out there, taking in fresh air, and getting some exercise. Also, you can experience what your neighborhood/city has to offer in a different way. Bonus, you can hike solo or with family and friends. Hiking provides quality bonding time (no cell phones or computers) and it doesn’t cost much. Find the closest park or trail near you, put on your shoes, carry water and nuts, and get out there!

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Gained It and Now Loosing It

A few months after we started dating, still a size 2.

I had been fortunate to be on the thinner side my whole life, being able to get away with eating a whole 6” cake as my day’s meal to 3 AM post debauchery, juicy turkey burgers. Then, I turned 26, and these careless eating habits finally caught up to me. I’d like to blame my boyfriend, turned fiancé, turned husband for this extra weight. My consumption size had gone up, since my significant other had a metabolism of a 16 year old and yet a perfect 29” waist size, and my activity level had not increased. Or it could be from the satisfaction of being completely in love. Or maybe biology has some part to do with it- my body is changing. Whatever the reasons maybe, I need to make serious lifestyle changes if I still want to look hot in my backless, mini dresses. Not to mention, chase the kids I will have someday around the park. This means, saving dessert for truly dessert deserving moments and amping up the workout regime.

Picking out our registry gifts, size creeping up steadily.

I love to workout- but just not to the point where I feel like my lungs are going to burst or getting dirty outdoors. Though, I know only a diet change isn’t going to help me loose the extra weight. I decided to join the outdoor Boot Camp classes offered by my gym. I know this is going to be a whole different demon- since the entire class is outdoors, rain, fog, wind, or shine. So here is pushing myself to the limit, while being mindful about what I eat.

5 months after getting married, gained major poundage!

Stay tuned for my progress!