Fitness Fridays: Using Geo-Location Apps to Keep Me Honest

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Last year, I excitedly started using FourSquare. I thought it was cool to check-in to places and share it with my social network.  There was a lot, a lot of hype surrounding geo-location apps. And living in San Francisco, it’s hard to not get caught up in it. Though, after awhile, I got the check-in fatigue. Not all of my friends were using FourSquare and then Facebook Places rolled out, and I didn’t know which service would reap the highest rewards in the long-run. Also, coverage in SF often times really sucks so checking in isn’t a smooth, quick process. Then I heard from a trusted source that mostly only guys check-in and noticed that  most of the pending friend requests on FourSquare were from guys I don’t know. Naturally, I was creeped out  and decided checking in wasn’t so cool anymore. Also, I am not a fan of re-creating a new social network on every site, platform, and app.

It was expected that the geo-location apps would roll out new location based  services that made sense of all the check-ins, so the places I check-in into now are the gym and places related to my start-up or Club Dine In.

One of my new year’s resolutions was to workout four times a week, and checking into the gym or Marina Greens helps me keep track of that goal. Also, it makes me a little more motivated to actually leave my apartment and workout. (The gym is too far from my apartment for me to fake a check-in). I have tried becoming the mayor of the gym, but a personal trainer of the gym is holding onto that mayorship. IMHO, employees should have a different mayorship for working there and checking in. It’s annoying.

Anyway, I am really liking Foursquare 3.0, because now all of those check-ins make sense and are going to result in real-life rewards like personal recommendations. Though, until I am assured that checking in is leveled by both males and females and enough of my real friends join in on checking-in, I will keep my check-ins reserved for Glamour Games and Club Dine In purposes (which includes fitness and eating well).

Do you use FourSquare, Facebook Places, or any other geo-location apps?

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2 thoughts on “Fitness Fridays: Using Geo-Location Apps to Keep Me Honest

  1. I use foursquare, and I don’t have it update to my fb and twitter. When foursquare first started, people were checking in everywhere, even at atms, and then having it post. It seemed annoying, so when I joined, I had it so it only updates to foursquare. Its kinda a nothing app, cuz really, WHAT do I get for being mayor? Nothing. I hardly even ever get badges and im unsure what they do. I almost NEVER get badges. I do want to be mayor of the gym…I was at one point but then I started taking random classes other places too so that ruined my chances forever to catch up. I did not notice that more men than women use foursquare. I know more men than women in general so there would be no way for me to tell. I havent even noticed when I check in places, whether there are guys or girls at places (even ones I don’t know) checked in too. Guess its not something I care about. If you want more women to use it, just be one of those women. 🙂 good luck getting your mayorship of your gym!

    • I am the mayor of the Fort Mason Farmer’s Market only. I don’t eat out often enough. When I do eat out, it’s always at a different restaurant so I could try out more places. It’s a competitive thing and some people are really determined to be a mayor of every place. I only care about being a mayor of the Farmers Market and Gym. It gives you a sense of entitlement, since you spend so much time (and money) at these places. Also, I love it when the owner/employees know me. It adds to the feeling of community, but most places I go to are not on board with checkin apps.

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