Boot Camp Week 6

Week 6: I have skipped boot camp last week completely! Not because I didn’t want to go- believe me, I wouldn’t want to stop just when I am making progress and feeling good about my success in the class. It’s just that, we went to the Grand Canyon! We hiked 6.8 miles down to the Colorado River (all steep downhill, 5 hours), camped at the base of the river, and then hiked 9.6 miles back to the rim (all uphill, 9 hours). I was so glad that I had been doing boot camp for 5 weeks, or I would not have made it.  I am anxious for starting up boot camp this week. What if I suck? Or have regressed? Check back for pictures soon! Also, check out my post “Boycotting Arizona?” for our experience with the immigration law and racism.


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