Farmer’s Market Finds: Squash Blossoms, Peaches, and Art

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I went with my farmers market newbie friend, who didn’t bring enough of her own reusable bag. I gave her an extra bag and taught her how to carry her goods so they made it home undamaged.

I went to the Fort Mason farmers market with a childhood friend, who also lives in the neighborhood. She is sort of a farmer’s market newbie and we couldn’t have picked a better day for her to explore the market. There were new vendors, the sun was out, and overall conviviality was contagious. The whole market was literally bursting with sweet, plump fruit. Raspberries, blueberries, cherries, strawberries, green plums, peaches, and the last of the lingering citrus crop. A grocery store can never make one smile like an open air market, with just picked fruits and vegetables. Just something so special and magical about the air at farmer’s market.

I made a sad mistake and left out the memory card of my camera. Though, I did take these with my iPhone 4 and used a filter from Instagram on some of them.

Also, the Fort Mason Center Farmers Market was awarded Best Cool Market by SF Weekly! I

Grape leaves from CMC Farms. You can make dolmas with these babies.
Butter lettuce- Swank Hill Farms

Royal Rainer Cherries- Hamada Farms

Purple Basil, absolutely beautiful. Purple is nature is incredible.
20110523-061609.jpgRaspberries- the perfect snack when coding late night.

Chive Blossoms- Happy Boy Farms. Just use them as you normally would use chives. They are just so pretty as an edible garnish.
Peaches! I am surprised to see them so early in the year. I always associated peaches with summer. -Hamada Farms
Green Plums; they taste like green apples. -CMC Farms
I love eggplants!


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