My Thanksgiving Table

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Last Sunday, the morning after a hail storm, I walked over to the Farmer’s Market, wanting to get first dibs on farm fresh produce for my Thanksgiving table. What I had in mind was not literal. I wanted juicy cranberries for a sauce, pomegranates for a salad, apples for a dessert topping,  pumpkin for roasting, mandarins for snacking… I also was in a hurry because my friend, the Phantom Floranista, was coming over for a blogging collaboration. Yasi, a talented florist and urban landscaper, has a chic blog about her floral creations and we wanted to put something together for Thanksgiving. I thought I could make the food while she works her magic with yogurt tubs, wax paper, and flowers.

Some of our materials

By the time Yasi had arrived, I had  made pumpkin pancakes and a fresh herb frittata. I had also left my fruit purchases on my rosewood dining table, which was going to be our workspace. The night before I had dug up my box of Thanksgiving decor and left it out for Yasi to use as she wished. Yasi arrived with a large amounts of different flowers, ribbons, and vases and got to work immediately. She had eyed my farmers market finds and started to create the entire arrangement around my beloved Fairy Tale pumpkin. We took a break to enjoy our Thanksgiving brunch and then worked quickly to put everything together before it started to get dark.

We used an old wine bottle, jars, yogurt tubs, and tin cans for vases and candle holders.

In the end, the Thanksgiving table was made from local pomegranates,  mandarins, pears, and pumpkin,  California pink pepper plants, Viburnum leaves orange Cockscomb, knickknacks from around the apartment, and ribbons. I have never set a table so beautifully and was surprised at what Yasi created. I had imagined more of just a standard centerpiece with a vase in the middle. The fruit and floral materials cost about $75, and extra fillers were from decor I already had. We even had flowers left over to put in the living room and create flow between the two rooms. A floral arrangement like this would cost $25o. Yasi, left the arrangement for me to enjoy with my friends and family.

I am really thankful that my husband and I live in San Francisco, near water and all of the farmer’s markets. I am also thankful for living close to family and childhood friends. Satish and I have been enjoying the table everyday and my guests will be delighted. Thank you Phantom Floranista.

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4 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving Table

  1. It was a pleasure to collaborate with you Nimisha! I had a blast, and hope we can do something fun for Christmas too! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Hugs!

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