Girl Time!

As soon as Liana Burtsava publicized Trendy Lime’s Cocktail Reception  for SATC2 Premiere & Benefit to Samasource, I secured my spot by buying tickets for the event. What a better way to watch the movie, than with cosmos, pampering, and a bunch of well heeled women! I entered Circa Lounge dressed as my alter ego (Carrie Bradshaw) and Satish in a slick, black suit. It’s rare to walk into any bar/lounge/club in The City where women are the majority. There were only a handful of men in sight, who probably thought it was their lucky night. It was like girl’s night out, magnified- and it was a blast! Everyone was very nice to each other as we all checked out each other head to toe. Also, there were make-up and beauty pampering stations. Now, that’s my kind of party. All of us walked over to the Marina Movie Theater in herds and caused quite a stir on Chestnut Street. During the previews, the theater was buzzing with chatter and laughter, because everyone knew each other and it felt like we were in one large living room.

I loved the movie and will see it again. There was so much va-va-voom going on, I need to see it again, just to make sure I didn’t miss a product placement. The movie was exactly what it was supposed to be- hilarious, decadent, and fabulous.


Sex And The City is a tribute exclusively to New York City. Millions of fans see and feel NYC through Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha.  However, I live in San Francisco and I am exclusively in love with San Francisco. I imagine these would be the places the four fabulously dressed women would frequent.

Brunch: Lime, Tartine, Chez Papa Resto

Drinks: La Mar, Americano, Tipsy Pig, Canteen

Dinner: Nopa, Gitane, RN74, Frances, Terzo

Date: Café Claude, Coi, Moss Room, La Folie

Sweet Tooth: American Cupcake, Candybar, Café Greco

Pre/Post Shopping: Burger Bar, Rotunda, Café Armani

Gay Scene: 2223, The Lookout, Café Flore

The Moss Room


La Mar Cebicheria Peruana


2 thoughts on “Girl Time!

    • I don’t think there was any green fashion- except I didn’t buy anything new for this premiere! Even though we live in SF, “green fashion” has not exploded much or is too expensive. Also, Jurlique sponsored the pampering station, an all natural, pesticide/herbicide free, biodynamically grown beauty product line.

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