Sex And The City- San Francisco

Sex And The City is a tribute exclusively to New York City. Millions of fans see and feel NYC through Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha.  However, I live in San Francisco and I am exclusively in love with San Francisco. I imagine these would be the places the four fabulously dressed women would frequent.

Brunch: Lime, Tartine, Chez Papa Resto

Drinks: La Mar, Americano, Tipsy Pig, Canteen

Dinner: Nopa, Gitane, RN74, Frances, Terzo

Date: Café Claude, Coi, Moss Room, La Folie

Sweet Tooth: American Cupcake, Candybar, Café Greco

Pre/Post Shopping: Burger Bar, Rotunda, Café Armani

Gay Scene: 2223, The Lookout, Café Flore


The Moss Room

Gitane Restaurant and Bar

La Mar Cebicheria Peruana San Francisco


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