American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

An entire restaurant devoted to American grilled cheese sandwiches– oh my taste buds are dancing and heart fluttering! On opening day, I rushed over to South Park to find out what all the buzz was about and please my tummy. Ask Satish if you don’t believe me, but I was jumping with anticipation on my way over to the restaurant. I imagined taking one big bite of ooey, gooey cheese bliss with a sip of red wine. It was a perfect Friday afternoon in San Francisco, the wind still, the sun beaming, no clouds in the sky. I thought it would be nice for us to sit on the swings in South Park after lunch and lull.   I did some advanced research and found that they even have house made, gluten-free bread! Just the concept had me going, but then I learned that the restaurant chef/owner is a seven time winner of the Grilled Cheese Invitational. This was like having easy access to an Iron Chef. Oh, I can see Bobby Flay showing up for a throwdown.  I was only to be disappointed when I finally got there. They were SOLD OUT! Oh, my taste buds cried and I no longer cared about the swings. I will be back soon, maybe even tomorrow after my long workout.

Sold Out!


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