Every Party Matters

October is the seventh annual Fair Trade Month and Club Dine In! is excited to join Trendy Lime and Fair Trade USA as a media partner for this year’s biggest fair trade party on September 29th.  Taking place at the greenest bar in the United States, Temple SF,  the kick-off unites Fair Trade USA’s diverse corporate, nonprofit and stakeholders in more than 100 events, promotions and fund-raising activities across the United States. Through these events and celebrations, Fair Trade USA aims to generate awareness of Fair Trade’s comprehensive approach to social, economic and environmental empowerment and sustainability among farming communities in the developing world.

You can register for the event at: http://fairtrademonth.eventbrite.com/ and share the event with friends on Facebook.

You can register for the event at: http://fairtrademonth.eventbrite.com/ and share the event with friends on Facebook