Jetset to Butterfly on September 10th!

Restaurant Review: Butterfly
Crowd: Business casual by day, trendy and upscale by night
Vibe: Convivial
Decor: Modern, industrial space warmed with artwork and sleekly dressed tables and Italian leather chairs. The floor to ceiling windows and local mirrored artwork are the main attractions.
Layout: Large, open space with an open kitchen. Booths and lounge type seating alongside the windows can accommodate small groups. A long and narrow outdoor deck on the water also available for groups of two. Beautiful, modern curved bar with seating available.
Neighborhood: Embarcadero, on Pier 33.
Service: Helpful and kind
Portions: Generous
Imbibe: White Sake Sangria
Enjoy: Heirloom Tomato Duo
Waist Slimmer: Caramelized Shrimp and Green Papaya Salad

I recently was invited to a private tasting at Butterfly Restaurant for Trendy Lime’s upcoming one year anniversary party on September 10th. The atmosphere is urban sleek and the views are breathtaking. I understood perfectly why Liana Burtsava, founder of Trendy Lime, choose this venue to host the celebration party. At this tasting we got a chance to preview some of the food that will be offered complementary for Trendy Lime guests to enjoy during the party. Let’s start with the cocktails: They are gourmet and delicious! The White Sake Sangria is refreshing and a good way to start a night of mingling and flirting. However, if you need more of kick go with the Kiwi and Cucumber Gimlet. The food offered is  of French-Italian- Asian influence with a focus on local and sustainable sources. Butterfly also offers indulgences like Caramelized Shrimp and Green Papaya Salad, Pecking Duck, Duo of Hamachi Sashimi and Poke, among countless other delicious items. A menu would not be complete without signature desserts such as the Iron Skilled Chocolate Cookie, Bread Pudding, and Chocolate Pudding. Check out the pictures below and drool! I hope to catch you noshing at this foodie party on September 10th, 9:30-10:30PM, and then loosening up on the dance floor!

The Ambiance:

Mirrored artwork displayed throughout the restaurant

A semi-private lounge past the bar offering unparallel views

Complimentary edamame with black and white sesame seeds

Hot Appetizer: Wok Seared Shanghai Garlic Noodles: summer vegetables, minced green onions, toasted garlic

The Food:

Carmalized Shrimp and Green Papaya Salad: mango, fried shallots, micro cilantro, carrot and siracha coulis, nuoc mam

Cold Appetizer, Duo of Hamachi Sashimi and Poke: chilled asparagus spears, wasabi cream sauce, shiso micro greens

Cold Appetizer- 1/2 Dozen Chilled Beausoleil Oysters: bloody mary oyster shooter, classic champagne and Thai mignonette sauce

Entree- Housemade Gnocchi and Baby Squash Stir Fry: tempura fried squash blossoms, seared petite squash and green olives, roasted red bell pepper coulis, ratatouille and olive relish

Entree- Heirloom Tomato Duo: burrata cheese and bread stuffed tomato, Gazpacho sauce Toybox cherry tomato risotto, rosemary foam

Cocktail- White Peach Sangria

Dessert: Lychee Shaved Ice

Dessert: Warm Chocolate Torte

Dessert: Iron Skillet Chocolate Cookie

Dessert: Banana Bread Pudding


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