Your Weekend Guide

August 26-29th
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San Francisco’s heat wave lasted a good two days, now it’s time to get back to your normal routine! Escape the fog and explore the North and South Bay. “The Marin Headlands has more points of interest than an iPhone app, and one of the best ways to see them is via a 3.5-mile hike from Rodeo Beach to Point Bonita Lighthouse. The views just keep on coming as you cross Bird Island overlook, go in search of an old shipwreck, detour to the lighthouse, and pass one of Marin’s best barbecue spots.”- Weekend Sherpa

View from Marin Headlands

Thursday August 26th • The Real L Word Wine • 7PM
Escape your reality by meeting some of the reality stars at the most exclusive launch party of San Francisco as we dance the night away with DJ Russell Vargas & Laron a.k.a SWAN, enjoying fabulous “the real L word wine” gaze out over the San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz at sunset.

Friday August 27th • Camp-In Movie Night • 5-9PM
Together with Sports Basement, Alite be projecting Stand By Me in the Grotto (1st floor, by the cycling department) which will be all decked out like we’re camping. No admission, free beer and snacks, a raffle to win day packs, trail maps, a Wild Food Walk from Forage SF, a campsite reservation, and other cool stuff! Also, now’s your chance to stock up on those sexy bib shorts and swim goggles you’ve been needing; everyone gets 20% off everything in the store from 5 to 9.  Kindly RSVP.

Fri-Sun August 27-29th • Eat Real Food Festival • Ongoing
“Putting the food back in fast.” Eat it. Make it. Grow it. Why choose when you can do all three? Truck loads of great food, tons of exciting demos that show the necessary food skills to survive the urban wild, performances, pop-up gardens, and more. Eat Real’s success will be measured by increased public awareness of and respect for the craft of making good food and by the growth of green collar jobs in America’s growing regional food economies. Eat Real’s vision is of an America where food’s crucial importance to the health of our bodies, communities and economy is universally recognized, and where access to healthy and affordable real foods is a right, not a privilege. Also, in our ideal America, food tastes a whole lot better.

Saturday August 28th • 18 Reasons’ Block Party • 12-5PM
Our 18th Street friends are closing the street this Saturday for a neighborhood party with great food and fun for all ages.  Best of all you can party while raising much-needed support for Nextcourse and other Mission neighborhood organizations.

Sunday August 29th • Honey Tasting • 7PM
What does the Glen Park neighborhood “taste” like? Is it different from the Mission? What flowers grow in the Sunset and how will the honey taste? Sample the “terrior” of neighborhoods  as gathered by bees. City Bees has bee hives all over town collecting nectar and making honey for the feeding of the young. Luckily, their hard work will result in honey with amazing  flavor and texture variations . Come find out what your neighborhood “tastes” like!

Unprocessed, raw, local honey is the healthiest kind.

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