Meatless Monday: Traveling

It’s a Monday and we are traveling, away from the comfort of our own kitchen or known restaurants. I have been a vegetarian on each Monday and Tuesday for the last 20 something years and will always be- no exceptions.  “Meatless Mondays” maybe a hot trend, but it’s a lifestyle for me. I have canoed, hiked, camped and swam in a rainforest in Venezuela, eating beans, rice, and tomatoes while everyone else ate rabbit. (It was a Monday-Tuesday). I never felt low on energy or deprived. Of course, you do not have to adhere to MM as strictly as I do. I am just saying that it can be done!  A little planning goes a long way for your palate.

1. It’s usually better to dine at an ethnic restaurant such as Indian or Thai, as options are endless.
2. You can call the restaurant ahead and let them know of your dietary restrictions. The chef can make something for you with what they have on hand or can be realistic about meeting your needs.
3. Visit a local market/grocery store and pick up a few ingredients to make something quick and easy, such as a tomato and cheese sandwich.
4. If practical, bring your own food with you.

Fortunately, there are plenty of healthy options in the Northwest for vegetarians. Oh, I ate well on this trip!

Hearty Portebello Mushroom Sandwich- Portage Bay, Seattle

Green waxed beans with tomatoes- Sitka & Spruce, Seattle

Farro- Tilth, Seattle

Homemade Chai at Prado Cafe -Commercial Drive Vancouver

Vegetarian Tacos- grilled egglplants, roasted peppers, garlic and white beans

Didn't even miss the meat in this one- Havana in Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Tostones with chile sauce- Havana in Commercial Drive, Vancouver


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