This Is What We Ate One Year Ago

Our 1 year wedding anniversary is this weekend, so I wanted to share the food we carefully choose for our wedding celebrations. We tried to stay true to our beliefs by having as much food as we could that was local and sustainable, while still honoring the Indian culture. Please do not take any of these photos without permission. All photos were taken by our wonderful photographer Josef Kohn of IQ Photos.

Engagement Pistachio Cake- Designed by myself and Masses Pastries

Traditional North Indian food for our engagement luncheon

Drinking Numi green tea while getting ready for the ceremony

Traditional Gujurati and South Indian food for our wedding

Organic Rava Idlies

Organic, fresh juices- Work of Art Catering


Seasonal fig bruschetta with locally sourced cheese- Work of Art Catering

Red velvet, black magic roses cake- Masses Pastries

Blackberry and Arugula salad- Work of Art Catering

Signature Cocktail: Sens, Grey Goose, Gold Flakes

Our dessert table for guests to take home- Masses Pastries


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