Farmer’s Market Find

Typical Summer's day in San Francisco

Fruit for the week, Ken's Top Notch Produce

Spinach salads and cooked spinach this week. Happy Boy Farms

Maybe I will make a lentil stew with these babies. Happy Boy Farms

Getting inspired to make something fun for the Spain vs. Holland gathering.

A new welcomed vendor, Hollie's Homegrown, selling herbs and edible flowers from her garden.

Makes you forget about the cold, gray day!

Market fresh tomato and basil salad for the World Cup Finale party. 1. one pint of cherry tomatoes halved2. handful of basil roughly chopped3. 1 tablespoon EVOO drizzled over tomatoes and basil4. Sprinkle salt and pepper to desired taste and toss well

Not pictured:
Heirloom Sundried Tomatoes- Serendipity Farms
Dried Greek Basil- Hollie’s Homegrown

Total spent:$25.70
I bought a lot less this week, since I still have plenty left over from last week.


2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Find

  1. Wow that’s a good deal for healthy food
    …the edible flowers sounds interesting…plz teach us what we can do or make with edible flowers…I would like to try

    • So far, I have only been eating them with salads. Though, I have seen them being used as a tasty garnish with cooked vegetables, on desserts, and soups. When I have guests over, I liked to cut up seasonal fruit and arrange them on a nice serving dish, with the flowers as decor. I will experiment and put up a couple of recipes using the flowers and nutritional benefits.

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