Beautiful Autumn Foods

I haven’t been super active at blogging again- I find that sitting in a chair for too long to be painful nowadays. Being 7 months pregnant, I need to constantly stretch my legs and hips. However, it hasn’t stopped me from shopping at the farmers markets and eating well. I haven’t had strange cravings so far. My husband hasn’t had to run around the city in the middle of the night to satisfy my cravings. I am not sure if its just my well trained eating habits, but I’ve had no desire to binge or eat foods I normally would not eat. In May, I couldn’t get enough of blueberries. Throughout summer, I did have an insatiable appetite for all melons. Right now, I want everything pumpkin, cranberry, and apple!

Here are photos of all the foods I am enjoying right now. I do love this season and Thanksgiving is one of my favorite meals of the year. I am especially looking forward to November 28th this year!








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