Farmer’s Market Find: Fava Greens, Snow Peas, Pea Tendrils

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This weeks farmer’s market was definite evidence that Spring has arrived. Aside from all of the great new fruit and produce, everyone was out! The last couple of weekends were a stormy nightmare. It was cold, wet, and gray. It seemed like Spring would never arrive. It was making me depressed. I even contemplated moving back to Santa Monica (only being dramatic). Then all of the sudden we had a mini heat-wave. The ladies dusted off their bright dresses, the guys got out their aviators, and with an extra bounce in each step, everyone was out and about. I love seeing people all dressed up, strolling on streets lined with shops and cafes, or lingering over brunch. Also, the active ones were out on Crissy Field, jogging, playing soccer, walking their dogs, or going for a bicycle ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. This morning, I put on my gym shorts and ran to the market, only stopping to take a couple of pictures. It felt so great to take in the fresh Spring air.

I’m grateful to call this my backyard!

Red and Green Lettuce from Rio de Parros Organics.

Serendipity Farms had their first batch of organic strawberries!

Pea Tendrils are special; they have a fleeting season, rich in vitamins, and a delicate flavor. I think I will make a pesto out of them and serve with fresh pasta and ricotta. The pesto would also taste great with a white fish.-Serendipity Farms

Snow Peas are also fleeting. They taste great with everything on everything. Serendipity Farms

I haven’t bought Rainbow Chard in a long time, even though they were available throughout Winter. Though, these just looked to pretty to pass up. -Serendipity Farms

Fava Greens recently graced the cover of Sunset Magazine. -Happy Boy Farms

Spring is lamb season. Though, I don’t eat lamb, I bet grass-fed lamb tastes incredible. You will definitely find it on menus of restaurants throughout the city.-Holding Ranch

The market was bustling with people!

I also bought Pink Cara Cara Organges (Ken’s Top Notch), Meyer lemons (Hamadas Farm), cucumbers (Swank Farms), and ruby carrots (Swank Farms). Total= $17

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