Farmer’s Market Find: Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch

We arrived at Long Meadow Ranch a little bit earlier than our late-lunch reservation at Farmstead Restaurant, so we could partake in their wine  and olive oil tasting and build up our appetite. Immediately my eyes caught vegetables and fruit displayed on a table as we were stepping into the wine tasting room, so of course I had to inquire.  Laddie Hall, who developed LMR’s organic garden, chatted with me about the Farmer’s Market and the different vegetables and fruits being sold. Most of what they sell is grown right there on LMR’s property or about six miles away! I made a small purchase of Bearss Lime, which turn yellow when fully ripe. They were so fragrant; I already envisioned using the peel as a zest in a variety of dishes.  Also, I saw a fruit that resembled the cosmetically challenged Paw Paws, but Laddie pointed out that they were Pineapple-Guavas. I always thought pineapples and guavas were exotic tropical fruits. Satish actually picked these off of our friend’s tree last week in Campbell. The LMR Farmer’s Market is only on during November 20th, Fridays and Saturdays.

The beautiful signs of Fall at Long Meadow Ranch.Pictured: potatoes, pineapple-guavas (Feijoas), Bearss Limes, squashes, and lettuce.

Our dear friend, Raj, who organized the lunch, was the most excited about eating at Farmstead. We were seated on a long communal table inside of the former nursery barn, adorned with fresh-cut flowers from LMR’s garden. The menu was literally Farm-to -Table!  The  menu features LMRs grass-fed beef, vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, and honey and other ingredients are sourced entirely from local purveyors. You can see the gardens and nursery outside on the way to the restrooms. Among the seven of us, we practically ordered everything on the menu. Despite of  Michael Baur’s review of Farmstead, we thought the entire meal was well thought out and very delicious. I think the restaurant has really improved since Mr. Baur visited in April.

Today’s Soup.
The highly recommended carmelized beets with goat cheese crema and fresh arugula.
Salad of lacinato kale withe chile pequin, lemon and toasted grana.
Everyone swore that these meatballs were the best thing one the menu and among the best they’ve ever had.
Wood roasted autumn squash with chile pequin, ricotta, and mint
The Hazel’s Chicken was the least favorite, but it was still good and made perfect comfort-food leftovers.
Another highly recommended item, the cheeseburger on a potato bun with cheddar and arugula. Satish loved it.
A plate of freshly baked cookies: oatmeal, double chocolate, chocolate chip, and

Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market

The most interesting find was definitely the heirloom tobacco leaves being sold by Happy Quail Farms. David explained that he has been growing tobacco for about 30 years to repeal insects, pests, and weeds. The tobacco is effective and a lot safer than spraying harmful pesticides and herbicides over the crop. This is the first year he has brought the leaves to sell and strongly warns about the dangers of tobacco.  Happy Quail Farms is selling tobacco seeds as well. Tobacco leaves are quickly becoming a new trend in the culinary scene in San Francisco. Lafitte will feature a specialty cocktail with infused tobacco leaves and a seafood main course that is wrapped in the leaves. Just last weekend, I unknowingly had tobacco leaves at SF Food Wars Ultimate Potluck Cocktail Brunch. Richie Nakano, Hapa Ramen, prepared a ricotta crostini sprinkled with tobacco leaves in the place of oregano. I couldn’t notice the difference. Thermidor has been serving its infamous Coffee, Cigarettes and Doughnuts dessert since opening in July. The cigarette is a thin white chocolate tube filled with tobacco-infused mousse.

Uncured tobacco leaves- Happy Quail Farms

Weekly Dinner Menu:
Sunday-Leftovers: Indian food made by my mom
Monday- Brussel sprouts (dried cranberries, walnuts, dill), Squash and lentil salad
Tuesday- Eggplant stack (watercress pesto, squash, potatoes), arugula salad
Wednesday- Girl’s night out, Herb potato slices and organic chicken (for Satish)
Thursday-  Lemon-Kale Salad, leftovers
Friday- Dinner at Coda Pancake Festival
Saturday- Unknown


2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Find: Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch

  1. Farmstead: I usually avoid places off of the main drag (tourist traps) but this place was refreshingly rewarding. I would highly recommend the meatballs, burger and beet salad. Am not much of a cookie person but I could swear a few people at the table orgasmed over them 😉

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