Farmer’s Market Find: Full Blown Autumn and Pummelos

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The air cool and crisp, the streets quiet from the raucous night before, and the faint smell of pumpkin pie being baked somewhere… It really was a good day to take a brisk walk over to the Farmer’s Market.

Buddha's Hand, can be used to make Limoncello- Hamada's Farm

Meyer Lemons make their first apparence! They are wonderful in a array of dishes, especially their zest.-Hamada's Farm

Isn't this just the cutest, funniest looking persimmon?- Ken's Top Notch Produce

Heirloom Sun-dried tomatoes from Serendipity Farms, my absolute favorite! You know I filled up my brown bag!

Sweet carrots, I will turn you into a delicious soup!- Happy Boy Farms

Raw olives- California Olive Oil


Fresh pastas from Santa Cruz Pasta Factory.

Can you guess how much this pumpkin weighs?

Persimmons, pomegranites, and a new discovery!

Pomelo or Pummelos look like a green grapefruit but are sweet in taste. However, the white skin is very bitter, so peel it off before eating the juicy, sweet fruit.

Happy Halloween


Farmer Market Purchases:
-Baby spinach, carrots, heirloom and Peach Boy tomatoes, Carnival squash, Ambercup squash, Cipolline onions (Happy Boy Farms),
-Gala apples (Billy Bob’s Organic)
-Pummelo or Pomelo (Rhode’s Family Farm)
-Lemon and dried, cured olives (California Olive Oil),
-Lacinato kale,  heirloom sun-dried tomatoes, Red Kuri squash (Serendipity Farms)
-Variety of red, green, and purple bell peppers (Rio de Parros Organics
-Fresh, Italian herb pappardelle (Santa Cruz Pasta Factory)
-Lingcod Fish
-Fresh cut flowers

Weekly Dinner Menu:

Sunday- Linkcod Fish (watercress pesto), Fresh Herb Pasta (spinach, sundried tomatoes, summer squash), and homemade pumpkin bread

Monday- Quinoa (butternut squash, lemon, herbs), Salad (olives, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, watercress),

Tuesday- Saturdays left over chicken curry and buckwheat rotis (for Satish), leftover herb pasta, lentils, sauteed veggies

Wednesday- Left over quinoa, herb potato slices, simple roasted acorn squash

Thursday-  Lemon-Kale Salad, lentils and squash, carrot soup

Friday- Dinner at my parents’ for Diwali; lots of childhood favorites

Saturday- Dining Out

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