Meatless Monday: Plenty of Choices

Don’t think that by going Meatless on Mondays is about depriving yourself of good food. There are plenty of vegetarian options available out there, you just have to look. Yesterday, I made my way to Oakland’s Eat Real Festival, held on the beautiful Jack London Square. I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the sustainable food choices available. I recognized Gather/Prather Ranch Meat Co. and made my way over to them and saw this sign:

Surprised to see this sign at the Prather Ranch Meat Co./Gather booth

Prather Ranch Meat Co. has a storefront in the San Francisco Ferry Building and sells humanely raised, environmentally responsible beef, chicken, buffalo, pork, lamb, and vitellone. My options are always really slim and they are usually sold out of the one type of meat I am willing to eat (chicken). So naturally, I was pretty excited that they were offering an all vegan slider. I waited in line, made conversation with the gentleman behind me about my Canon S90, asked the people if the Mushroom Slider was really vegetarian twice, and ordered the slider with a side of sweet corn salad. All while salivating.

Mushroom Slider with a side of wild arugula, sweet corn, cherry tomato salad. I could eat this everyday!
A perfectly foamed, smooth latte from Ritual Roasters
Lightly battered cactus fries from 51st State, the taste is unexpected but good. It’s also vegetarian!
Bhel- a street food snack from Mumbai, served up with a Californian twist by La Cocina.

Meatless Monday’s is about will power and mindset. There are plenty of options out there and in your own kitchen, just be open to the idea and discover new tastes and foods.


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