Marengo on Union

Restaurant Review: Marengo on Union
Crowd: Attractive single women in blazers and skinny jeans wondering where all the single men are
Lively and Energetic
Decor: Bright and sleek. White marble counters to dark wooden floors. Organic plants to a retractable roof.
Layout: Open kitchen with a marble chef’s counter, wooden communal table and marble tables for two and four for a quieter experience. Back bar: Wooden communal table and bar all lined with wooden stools, under a retractable roof
Service: Friendly and genuine
Portion Size : Sliders
Imbibe: One Fo(u)r Champagne
Enjoy: The Black & Blue, Porky, Fry Sampler, Queso Marengo, and Chocolate Chip Slider
Waist Slimmers : The Shroomer  and The Jerk -protein style¸ Spinach Salad
Price: $30.61; Two people, 1 vodka soda, 1 glass of wine, 1 slider, 1 grilled cheese

This place is all about whiskey, wine, sliders, and a good time.  Exactly what Union Street needed! There are many healthy choices one can make and still have a great time. The food is unassuming, but really good. The sliders are small.  The spinach-strawberry is delicious (and organic). I would recommend ordering one regular slider and two protein style with a small salad. The wines are chosen carefully and service is super friendly. I look forward to their lunch and brunch service¸ where I can wear a sundress and sit in the back bar without turning blue from the cold.

Sunscreen and sunglasses required

Driftwood fixtures add color to the back bar

Marbled Chef's Counter

Enjoy chic champagne with your bff

The Jerk is really good!

The tiny grilled cheese, a bit over-priced, but yummy!


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