BBQ Club Dine In! Style

Taking advantage of the incredible weather, a good friend (Naval) decided to host a last minute BBQ on Memorial Day Monday.  Satish and I had already planned to spend our Sunday in the quiet town of Point Reyes Station. We invited Naval and his two cousins to join us. Our first stop was Marin Sun Farms for brunch and to buy meat for the BBQ. I will have to devote a whole other post to this butcher shop/restaurant. The meat is all natural, 100% grass-fed beef, and pastured raised. And, of course, it’s local. On the day of the BBQ the thick fog rolled in and everyone decided to stay inside, instead of huddling around the grill. Everyone brought something, and it had become a true Club Dine In! feast. We had homemade organic pizzas, ribs, organic steak, grilled shrimp, organic salads and fruit, organic chicken skewers, Pao de Queijo, bruschetta, and Joli Coeur (a fancy cocktail, made out of local, organic grapes).


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