The Weekender

Hello Fabulous Club Dine In! Members!
Hopefully, the fog and rain will stay away and we can continue to enjoy the fabulous spring weather!

Friday May 21 • PacMan’s 30th Anniversary • All Day
Reminisce and visit your childhood days by playing Pacman on Google’s homepage. The game that started it all… 😀

Friday May 21 • Sausalito Farmer’s Market • 4-8 PM
Take in the beautiful scenery while picking out your weekend eats.

Friday May 21 • Happy Hour • 5-7 PM
Guests at The Vin Club can taste any 5 wines by the glass for $5 bucks while enjoying soft jazz in the background.

Friday May 21 • Sexy Soup Party • 7-9 PM
Come ‘Get Sexy’ for Sexy Soup Cart’s 1 Year Anniversary Celebration! Enjoy food from street vendors selling fresh, homemade, wholesome food to the San Francisco community.
Saturday May 22 • Organic Conversation • 10 AM
An Organic Conversation with Helge Hellberg and Mark Mulcahy – a weekly inspiration for anyone who eats.  Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. PST on Green960 AM and
Saturday May 22 • eBike Wine Tour • 9-7 PM
Take a vacation from your car and have a change of scenery! When you rent a Change of Greenery Electric Bike, you’ll be given The Napa Valley Green Card – the key to getting great deals such as complementary wine and chocolate tastings, 2-for-1 deals, discounts at specialty shops and restaurants!

Saturday May 22 • Uncorked! Wine Festival• 1-6 PM
Ghirardelli Square and La Cocina will host the fifth annual Uncorked! Wine Festival, showcasing more than 50 top-tier wineries from California’s premium wine making regions.

Saturday May 23 • Food History • 12-6 PM
Within the historic vaults of the Old Mint, explore the past, present and future of food and drink in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each day there will be a live presentation exploring the history of food in the Bay Area and the people who have made that history.
Sunday May 23 • Responsible Art • 10 AM
Douglas Gayeton showcases his photographs taken in Sonoma in 2009 featuring local businesses that are taking personal responsibility and doing their part to lessen their impact on the world around them.

3 thoughts on “The Weekender

  1. Hey!
    I love your blog.I was reading the comments on Kathy’s blog (about Facebook). I was wondering if there was ANY other sites that are like Facebook WITHOUT all the BULL?

    • Hello! I like your blog too; it’s creative to use lyrics to express yourself! There are many social networking sites; some larger (i.e. facebook and myspace) and some smaller (Orkut, Friendster, Bebo, Hi5, Tagged). The key is to figure out what is important to you on Facebook and make sure that other site offers similar features. Since, Facebook is getting a lot of flak, I am sure more competitors will be coming up with social networking sites without all of the privacy issues. I still believe that Facebook is still the best/most sophisticated social networking site out there. Until all of the privacy issues are figured out, you should seriously limit what you put out there.

      Here is a review of the top 10 social sites:

  2. Thanks!
    Yes Facebook is a LOVE/HATE relationship for everyone on the site.The ONLY reason why I haven’t gotten RID of mine is because of EVERYONE I know is back East and I’m on the the West coast of Canada.

    I am trying to make my blog a BIT more up-beat it’s hard though yet I’m TRYING and that’s the point right?

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