Make Our Food Edible

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The news and media may no longer cover the massive egg recall, but the issue is still real and “hasn’t gone away”. We vote for change with our forks and dollars, and you really can make a difference. Vote by feeding yourself and your family better, cleaner, safer and ethical food. Checkout this really short video if you are even slightly curious as to what I am talking about.

Where to find safer food:
-Farmer’s Markets
: Most family farms practice sustainability and really love the land and what they produce. Most farmer’s will even let you come to their farm and pick your own eggs or give you a tour!
-Smaller grocery stores that carry local, sustainable meats, dairy, eggs, vegetables, and fruit
-Buy organic, cage-free (really cage-free), pastured eggs
-Make sure your your eggs come from small, local farms that raise their chickens outside of cages and treat them humanely.
-Avoid insanely cheap eggs and meat, which means they were factory farmed and all of the livestock were raised in tiny cages, biting and pooping on each other and then transported to another factory to be sorted and packaged to sell at grocery stores around the nation.

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