Farmers Market Find: Spring Flowers and Radishes

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Tatsoi flowers or baby bok choy flowers- Heirloom Organics They taste incredible lightly sauteed in olive oil and served with a poached egg on top. They also taste great sauteed with ginger, garlic, and a bit of soy sauce. These little flowers just might be the best find of the season!

Female Date Palm/Flowers


Spring is also radish season. I didn’t know there was more than one type of radish until I stopped shopping at the grocery store. The black variety is a bit spicier. -Heirloom Organics

I also had the pleasure of eating a variety of radishes, including black radishes, prepared in Soul Cocina’s famous arancini dish last Tuesday. Roger is serving up his dishes every Tuesday at the weekly pop-up at the Corner. I really wish I had my camera for that meal; this picture was taken with my iPhone.

Aren’t these really cute? They are Lions Mane mushrooms. I have no idea how they taste, but will try it out this week.-Far West Fungi

Citron Etrog– Hamadas Farm. This lemon is super huge.

I honestly did not buy a whole lot for this week. My mom made us a whole lot of Indian food (Chana Daal, Idlies, Sambar, Parathas) to last us for the entire week.

Chana Daal Muthyia is a specialty dish from Gujarat. Otherwise known as veggie balls.

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The Farmers Market Find: The Good Food Awards

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There was an extra bounce in my step on Friday, because for the first time in months I felt the strong rays of the sun invigorating every cell of my being. The air even smelled like Spring was right around the corner and I couldn’t help but rejoice. I am not much of a Winter person and am really done with the below 50 degree temperatures.   It felt like spring and I couldn’t help but advise everyone to go out and enjoy it.  Waking up at 7AM on a Saturday morning is not as bad when the sun is out and the birds are chirping.  I made my way over to the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market early to avoid the good weather crowd and freely sample and talk to the winners of the Good Food Awards. I can’t even express the thrill I got when I was face to face with real food crafters from around the country selling tasty and sustainable food. Each winner was sampling and selling their prize winning food, much to a foodie’s contentment.


It truly seemed like a Spring's morning.

Leeks are one of my staple vegetables that I always try to keep in my fridge. They are versatile and make almost any dish flavorful. -Capay Organic

Do you know anything about Chickweed? - Marin Root Farms

Since I am getting into eating more legumes and whole grains, I bought heirloom garbanzo beans and crimson popping corn from Rancho Gordo.

These baby beets were so cute and irresistable. -Marin Root Farms

I was introduced to Black Trumpet mushrooms last weekend at brunch at Gather in Berkeley.

I bought Calendula to brighten up our living room a bit more.

The Good Food Award Winners:


Noble Coffee's Kenyan Kiaora was really, really silky and smooth. It was perfect.

The preserves were too tempting to not buy any of the jars. Though, I should restraint.

Xocolatl de David's Salted Caramel stood out the most. They are from Portland, OR.

I bought brine for the first time. I would love recipes! Pictured: Joe Mclure

No surprise that Cow Girl's Creamery's Red Hawk won!

This has to be one of the best cheeses I've ever had! Cellars at Jasper Hill – Cabot Clothbound Cheddar from Greensboro, VT.

Unique spotting:
-Pea tendrils and snow peas- Spring vegetables
-Watermelon radish- radish are generally Spring vegetables
-Chickweed- never seen or heard of these before!
-Wild watercress- I didn’t know this variety existed.
-Sugar cane- native to warmer, tropical climates. The ones I found are grown in a green house in Fresno. I bought one shoot to surprise Satish. Coincidentally, Saturday was a huge festival in Southern India, celebrating the sugar cane harvest.

I also bought a ton of vegetables, herbs, and fruit: broccoli, spinach, potatoes,  carrots, tomatoes, Natural raisins, Italian oregano, marjoram , Delicata squash, onions, garlic, Meyer lemons, and blood oranges. Let’s see what I cook up this week!

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Farmer’s Market Find: Apples and Pumpkins

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June gloom lasted until September; the sun would only come out to tease us and quickly retreat as soon as we put on our sunblock. Well, Summer is finally, really finally upon us in San Francisco. The birds are chirping at 6 AM and I have not woke up to the sound of fog siren almost all week. All of the restaurants with an outdoor patio or rooftop are booked and the lines at Bi-Rite Creamery and Humphry Slocombe are growing by the minute. Thus, it was ironic to find apples, pears, dried fruit, and pumpkins at the FM this past weekend. I decided to have brunch with a good friend at the Ferry Plaza Market on Saturday. To my surprise, the market was not crowded as it normally is. Actually, there were no lines or a thick crowd to push yourself through. Everyone must have been at the beach.

Side note: I unlocked the CNN Healthy Eater Badge on 4Square by checking into the farmer’s market. Read more about it here.

Ferry Plaza Saturday Farmer’s Market:


Ferry Plaza Saturday Farmer's Market

Cranberry Shelling Beans

Dried Peaches

Purple and Green Okra

All sorts of grapes can be found since we live so close to wine country!

Oranges! Oranges are normally a winter fruit, but they can grow year round in some parts of the state. These are from..

Age-dried goat cheese that does not need to be refrigerated! Great for hikes and picnics.

Basil and tomatoes, the epitome of Summer!

Happy Girl Kitchen perserves! The raspberry-lemon is so good! I topped pancakes with the jam.

Pink Pearl Apples have a pink flesh and tart flavor. They are great for cooking and baking and retains their pink color.

Pumpkin, oh yes, Halloween is only 4 weeks away.

I love the views this FM offers- the Bay Bridge, connecting San Francisco to the East Bay Area.

Beautiful array of different peppers. Such a sight!


Fort Mason Farmer’s Market:

Asian Pears aka Apple Pear are my favorite type of apples. They are really juicey, sweet, and crisp. Contrary to their name, they are not a cross between apples and pears.

A flat of tomatoes were being sold for only $12- significant drop from 3 weeks ago, where they were being sold for $20/flat. Don't these heirlooms look like giant candy?

My Sunday morning ritual: walk/jog through Crissy Field before getting my week's groceries at the Fort Mason Farmer's Market.

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