Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market

The Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market is world renowned- visited by thousands each week: tourists, locals, and chefs alike. This is a food lover’s mecca for finding the best produce, artisanal goods, cheeses, meats, seafood, and hot foods! The FM is vast, with 85+ vendors/farmers selling freshly picked cherries, rhubarb, leeks, blueberries, bell peppers, heirloom tomatoes…. Even if you have no desire to cook, you can still come to enjoy the scene, music and delicious food from popular restaurants/food trucks in SF. If you are serious about getting groceries on a Saturday, come early or fight the crowds and lines. Everyone has to experience the Ferry Building on a Saturday morning at least once!

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All of these pictures were taken at the Ferry Building’s Saturday Farmer’s Market. More information about the Ferry Building can be found here.


Farmers Market Finds: An Orange Proposal

I decided to break away from my usual farmers market routine and visit the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. There are so many reasons why I love this farmers market. It is hailed as one of the best farmers markets in the country and the diversity of farm fresh food is astounding. I believe in the summer, you will be able to find over 75 varieties of tomatoes! For all the reasons listed below, it can get very crowded and even hard to move when the weather is nice. Therefore, it is wise to go on the earlier side if you want to get the best selection.

ferry buildingThe location is magnificent. There is an intermingling of locals, tourists, chefs, and celebrities. The farmers are all verified and have sustainable farming practices. CUESA’s website has detailed information about the farmers,  seasonality charts, and recipes. They also send out a free weekly eletter highlighting the current seasonal food, upcoming events, recipes, and spotlights on volunteers and farmers.

rampsThe ever so rare and coveted ramps. 

The farmers who sell at this market go through an application process and only those who meet CUESA’s guidelines on sustainable agriculture are accepted when there are openings. I definitely feel more comfortable and safer when I buy from these farmers.

Photo Apr 20, 12 07 55 PMCrowd sourced marriage proposals.

Sawn, the gentleman pictured, enlisted his farmer friends to recruit shoppers to help him out on the proposal. The crowd recited a question to the unsuspecting girlfriend in unison and Sawn got down on one knee to propose. The girlfriend was in disbelief, but did say yes! Oh, yeah, the ring was inside of the Cara Cara orange!

horseradish root

The diversity of food is incredible. Chefs and serious cooks come here early in the morning to pick up things like horseradish root (pictured), green strawberries, and ramps for their restaurants.

schoolyard to market

I know, many locals complain that this farmers market is too expensive. I agree, most things cost a bit more at Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. One of the reasons for the higher cost is that farmers pay a higher stall fee to set up and sell at this market. This fee is not for profit, but goes back into all of the amazing and positive things CUESA does for the food system. Each week, CUESA puts on educational demos, classes, and exhibits for people to learn about food and agriculture. CUESA is a nonprofit organization and largely run by volunteers.

fiddlehead fernsFiddlehead Fern- Far West Fungi

The awesomeness of SF is that we have roughly 22 farmers market each week! We are lucky to be choosy about where we get our local, seasonal food.

Farmer’s Market Find: Lavender and Mint

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San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market on a Saturday afternoon.

It’s been two weeks since I made it to the farmers market and almost a month since I’ve been to the Saturday Ferry Plaza Market. I like to visit this market once a month to stock up on things that I can’t normally find at the Fort Mason Farmer’s Market. After a really stressful workweek, I was looking forward to hanging out at the market yesterday. Though, I made a rookie mistake and went one hour before closing time. Almost everything was picked over or just gone. Also, there were more people then usual at the market since the weather was super nice. Short spring dresses and sandals nice.

I was being hard on myself for showing up so late to farmers market and started to explain the farmer at Eatwell Farm about my morning. All he said was “It’s okay, it doesn’t really matter.” I smiled and agreed. He then asked to see my wrists and dropped a few droplets of lavender essential oil onto them. That just made my day.

I love cooking with lavender. It adds magic to food. Even though culinary lavender isn’t expensive, it tastes luxurious. And  you only need a little bit for flavor. I discovered the power of lavender in food while in college when I made a simple meal for a friend using Herbs de Provence, which has lavender as one of the herbs in it. He was really impressed and couldn’t put his finger on that flavor. Lavender has been my secret ingredient eversince. Lavender has also long been used for its medicinal properties in Eastern medicine. I suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome  (IBS) in college and natural remedies were my best cures. I used lavender in a variety ways to soothe and calm my system. Lavender helped me sleep easier, reduced my stomach spasms, and aided  in concentration. (Ayurvedically, IBS is experienced by Vata constitutions and lavender is balancing for Vatas.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t any pictures of the lovely lavender Eatwell Farms had. I did buy a bunch and will save 1/3 of the flowers for cooking and put the rest on my bedside stand.

I also got my hands on really fragrant herbs.

Flowering sage- Eatwell Farms

Spearmint- Star Route Farms

Sadly, I found out that last week was the last of the Cara Cara oranges. They were my best fruit find in the entire last year. If I had known, I would have had Satish stop by the market last week and grab as many of the Cara Caras as possible. At least cherries are here now.

I went a little late, so the cherries were practically all gone.

Since we have been working around the clock, popcorn has become our go-to snack. I would never eat processed, microwaveable popcorn. We pop ours over the stove. It takes two minutes and we can flavor it with whatever we are in the mood for: extra virgin olive oil, Irish butter, lavender salt, smoked paprika, etc.

Blue popping corn makes a for a great, whole grain snack.-Tierra Vegetables

I also bought hummus to snack on with vegetables -Affi’s Marin Gourmet

Sweet William flowers, the same ones Kate Middleton used in her wedding bouquet to marry Prince William at the Royal Wedding. (We also released the Royal Wedding game.)

The warm weather made me crave a refreshing, crisp salad. -Twin Girl Farms

Fiddlehead Fern- Far West Fungi

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Farmer’s Market Find: Strawberries and Asparagus!

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We got the first crop of strawberries and asparagus already! Subtle signs that Spring isn’t too far away.  I am not entirely sure, but I think the two strawberry vendors at today’s market were from Southern California, where the weather is much warmer than here. Strawberries are just lovely, but they have a really thin, delicate outer and absorbs the pesticides and is listed number 1 in EWG’s Dirty Dozen list. The Dirty Dozen lists fruit and vegetables exposed to the most pesticides. I will have a lot more on the strawberry issue soon enough- California did silently pass the use of methyl iodide, scientifically proven to be very dangerous.

The take home message here is that buy organic strawberries and ask the farmer questions about their farming technique. I remember seeing one of the strawberry farmer’s last summer and spring at this market but I never talked to them. I wanted to ask them a lot more questions, because I am conflicted on  eating non-organic strawberries, but I got shy! It happens. Though, I did taste the pesticide-free strawberries and it was so good.

Smoked Salmon from Montery Bay’s Blue Ocean Smoke House

I splurged a little and got smoked salmon today ($10/6 ounces). We started eating smoked salmon much more after hiking the Kalalau trail in Kauai.  We packed smoked salmon, hard goat cheese, nuts, and grass-feed roast beef deli meat to sustain us on the two-day, 12 mile hike. Now we eat it for breakfast, a quick snack, or topped on a bed of different vegetables. Of course, we only eat wild Alaskan salmon from sustainable resources. If you are not sure about which fish are safe or sustainable check out the Monterey Bay’s Seafood Watch.

Celery Root- Swank Farms

We recently had celery root dessert at Ubuntu- I had no idea it looks like this in its original form.

Cheddar Cauliflower- Swank Hill Farms

No, they don’t taste like cheddar cheese! They are higher in vitamin A (the color) and taste like white cauliflower.

Tat Soi flowers- Happy Boy Farms

The tatsoi flowers are related to broccoli family and have a really nice taste to them. They are not as delicate as they look and taste wonderful sauteed with garlic, ginger, and little soy sauce.

I was at the Ferry Building for breakfast with a friend on Tuesday morning and the Tuesday market was going on. I bought a few oranges, asparagus, and ranunculus. There were tulips too, but I just adore ranunculus. The farmer gave me an awesome tip of just putting a spoonful of sugar in the water to help them bloom. They are still blooming!

Other purchases:

Spinach (Serendipity), Meyer lemons (Hamadas), Cara Cara oranges (Ken’s Top Notch Produce), Leeks (Happy Boy Farms), Button mushrooms (Far West Fungi), and Roma tomatoes (Swank Farms). I spent a total of $32 this week at the farmers market.


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Whole Grain vs Refined Flour

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It is day 13 of January Rules and I am going strong. Interestingly, I have been presented with opportunities to eat processed flours- like croissant sandwiches, Mac n’ Cheese from Grub, and pizza from Tony’s Coal Fired Pizza. Constantly. I normally do follow the three rules of January Rules, or at least I thought I did. I have come to realize that my weakness for food made with refined flour is greater than I thought and I make a lot of exceptions. Pizza, croissants, desserts, breads, pasta- oh you name it and I love it. Unfortunately, all of these things are made with refined flours that have very little nutritional value and contribute to empty calories, fatigue, malnourishment, constipation, mood swings, and preventable chronic diseases.

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Farmer’s Market Find: Rose Germanium and Hot Chocolate

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I really had no desire to get out of bed early on Saturday morning. It was raining, cold, and dark. Though, I really wanted to get Recchiuti’s hot chocolate, farm fresh eggs, and a few other things that I would need for a holiday brunch potluck.  I am so glad I went to the Ferry Plaza Market because:

A little mistletoe action by the doorway to get the party started.

I have a good Aloe Vera story, but will save it for later. I was surprised to see it being sold at the Farmer's Market. It's grown locally but is native to dry, warm weather.

I bought this beautiful Acme bread to complete a cheese platter.

Rose Germanium. It's really special and good for tea and baths.-Eatwell Farms

Inside the Ferry Building

Pineapple Mint and Edible Flowers, a sweet holiday gift from Heirloom Organics.

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Recipe

Ingredients Serves 2.
1/4 cup water
2 cinnamon sticks
2 cups whole, organic milk
2 teaspoon Madagascar vanilla
8 ounces semi-sweet cacao chocolate*, chopped
1 teaspoon salt


1. Add water and cinnamon sticks to a stainless steel pot and place over medium heat. Once the cinnamon sticks open up, add the milk and vanilla.
2. When milk mixture is hot, add the chopped chocolate and salt. Stir constantly with a whisk or blend with an immersion blender until the chocolate is incorporated with the milk.
3. When mixture is starting to simmer, take off heat and serve.

*For the best results, use fairly traded, minimally processed chocolate. Otherwise, it’s not worth it.

Happy Holidays!

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Weekend Guide Oct 28-31

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It’s Halloween Weekend! This is the most celebrated holiday in San Francisco and the SF Giant’s are in the World Series! If you are not so into the spirit of Halloween, watch the games with a few close friends or enjoy a quieter evening home. If you are into the spirit of Halloween, this city will not disappoint you with the array of events going on. Also,  advantage of the FREE CAB RIDES on Halloween night for those who have partied too hard.

Thursday Oct 28th • World Series • 4:30PM
In case you haven’t heard, our SF Giants are in the World Series! Support your team, wear black and orange (coincidentally Halloween colors), and drink responsibly. Check out this  great compilation of places to hang out during the ball game.

Thursday Oct 28th • Wild & Scenic Film Festival • 5-9:30PM
Join the Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) and Clif Bar & Company when they host the Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival On Tour in Emeryville on October 28. The event will include delicious, seasonal offerings from a selection of the area’s best restaurants, food artisans, and growers, as well as local beverages, prizes, music, and a full program of eye-opening environmental films.

Thursday Oct 28th • Tea and Telling • 7-9PM
If baseball and Halloween are really not your thing, cozy up with a cup of hot tea at Samovar Tea Lounge. Writers, Musicians, Storytellers, Stand Up Comics, Spoken Word Artists, Dancers and Tea Drinkers are invited to this event. That means you. If you want to share your work, please arrive at 7:30 to sign up for a spot and relax with your fellow creators before we begin.

Thursday Oct 28th • Super Natural Night Life • 6-11PM
Kick off Halloween weekend in-costume at a SuperNatural edition of the Academy’s weekly NightLife event. In the spirit of Halloween, step into the world of parapsychology with Professor Paranormal, one of the world’s leading experts on ghosts and psychic experience. Drop in on one of his tongue-in-cheek psychic shows, check out a giant pumpkin carving demonstration, and groove to ghoulish tunes by DJ Tomas Diablo all night long.

Thursday Oct 28th • Mission Treat • 7-9PM

It may seem like every day is Halloween in SF. We San Franciscans love to dress up whenever we have a chance, but it’s not ’til that last week of October that the real freaks come out at night. This Halloween, The Bold Italic heads to the heart of the Mission, a part of the city that’s already known for good food, good parties, and a strong sense of community.  Partiers will enjoy a night of art, food, drink, fashion, and a blood-splattered,  Dexter -inspired photo booth along that block. Show up in your best costume for this unique trick-or-treating of sorts.

Friday Oct 29th • Organic Beer & Wine Tasting • 4-8PM
Join CCOF for the 5th Annual Organic Beer and Wine Tasting at the Ferry Building in San Francisco to sample a wide variety of fine beverages – all by producers certified organic by CCOF – and talk directly to the vintners, and brewers.

Friday Oct 29th • Thriller • 10PM
This October, Yoshi’s is pleased to be hosting the MJ Thriller Halloween Ball featuring the Bay Area’s haunting band Foreverland. Based in San Francisco, the Foreverland was formed in March of 2009 to honor Michael’s musical genius and legendary showmanship. Rather than be limited by a MJ impersonator and pre-recorded backing tracks, the band’s unique approach is to celebrate the larger than life performances, imagination and infectious spirit of this legendary artist.

Saturday Oct 30-31st • Harvest Festival • 9AM
While everyday seems like a harvest festival at the Ferry Building, the last weekend of October always sets a new benchmark for celebrating the local bounty, with activities for adults and children at the Ferry Building Harvest Festival ranging from tastings, to live music, to facepainting, to the beloved Barnyard by the Bay (petting zoo) on Sunday. Other than an organic wine and beer tasting on Friday night, events are free and open to the public.

Sat-Sun Oct 30-31st • Super Natural Museum • 9-5PM
Celebrate Halloween with chills and thrills at the Academy! Enjoy ghoulish music by 102.1 KDFC and Radio Disney, join a costume parade, or delight in performances by Velocity Circus, magicians, and more! The family fun continues with cockroaches, snakes, and other creepy crawly critters during live animal demonstrations and special programs. Come in costume and get a free trick or treat bag!

Saturday Oct 30th • Sweet Tasting Event • 1-5PM
Bacetti is very proud to invite you to its “unveil tasting event”. On Saturday afternoon October 30, Bacetti will distribute Free Bacetti to taste. Expect surprises to be part of the party, come with your friends and family to Paulette Macarons to discover the latest delicious fun treat.

Sunday Oct 31st • Barbary Coast Trail Walk • 9AM
An inaugural 3.5 mile walk through San Francisco’s most historic and vibrant neighborhoods. Since its establishment in 1998, many visitors and residents have enjoyed segments of the walk but never before has there been an opportunity to do the entire trail with knowledgeable guides along the trail. This walk will be lead by former Mayor Willie Brown.

Sunday Oct 31st • Bar Agricole Dinner • 6PM
Bar Agricole, a newish, stylish restaurant and bar is hosting a costumed prix-fix dinner to get your Halloween night started off perfectly. “The exact nature of Halloween offerings are a closely held secret, but expect blood sausage.” More details here.

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Convivial Table Tour: 331 Cortland

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I joined Slow Food SF (read side note below) on their Convivial Table Tour to 331 Cortland, a collaborative food marketplace in Bernal Heights. The Convivial Table Tours feature sustainable food purveyors in the Bay Area to educate members about available food choices and to introduce the important people providing our food. During this tour, we met  Debra Resnik, owner of 331 Cortland, and learned of her vision  to have a marketplace of individual food artisans that can operate under one roof. Resnik was inspired after working with La Cocina, to create a community enriching marketplace to help burgeoning vendors. All of the vendors at 331 Cortland focus on local, seasonal, and sustainable practices and either had street food stands, sold at farmers markets/festival, or worked in catering. All of the vendors complement, not compete with each other. The space allows them to inspire each other, with new menu creations and bounce back ideas.  Speaking of community, most of the vendors live within blocks of the market. Each vendor has their own individual kiosk, most accept cash only, and there are no seats.

331 Cortland is a small community marketplace of 7 vendors.

Members of Slow Food SF were greeted with gourmet popsicles from Cranky Boots Cold Confections. East Bay residents, Amanda Yee and Aland Welford, recently started selling their “farm to freezer” popsicles at festivals and events. The couple uses seasonal fruits from local farmers and don’t add excess sugar to their treats.  Cranky Boots will set up shop at 331 Cortland every Sunday. Expect to find flavors such as Black Mission fig with Cream and Balsamic Gastrique, Peach Lemonade, and Strawberry-Basil in two sizes: small ($3) and large ($4). I highly recommend trying the Black Mission Fig popsicle before figs go out of season!

The Black Mission Fig Popsicle- the best, most gourmet popsicle I've ever had!


Erin Archuleta, co-owner of ICHI Lucky Cat Sushi, excitedly greeted us with two plates of freshly prepared sushi. Erin with her husband, Tim, started ICHI Catering in 2006 and then had pop-up restaurants at local bars at the down-turn of the economy.  They jumped at the opportunity to have their first retail space so close to their own home when offered a spot at 331 Cortland. ICHI  offers fresh and prepared nigiri, maki, and sashimi, as well as specialty snacks. For a more formal sushi experience, you can visit their new sit-down restaurant in the Mission.

ICHI Sushi: good, clean, seafood

Resnik discovered Wholesome Bakery at the La Cocina Street Food Festival and invited Mandy Harper to be a part of 331 Cortland. Wholesome Bakery was created out of necessity for healthier desserts and treats. All of the baked goods are vegan and low-glycemic and are wheat, soy, and yeast free. They are also delicious! Harper had formed a relationship with Desiree Salomon, of Dezy’s Drinks, on the streets after both realized their products completed each other well. Thus, it was only natural for Dezy’s Drinks to come into the space with Wholesome Bakery. Salomon uses mostly organic fruits, vegetables, and spices in her made-from-scratch chais, juices and kombucha tea. Trust me, the Homemade Chai is particularly good and authentic.

The ladies behind Wholesome Bakery and Dezy's Drinks

After filling up on chai, granola, and sushi we sampled three different pickles from Paulie’s Pickling. The wife and husband team, Liz and Paul Ashby, started experimenting with cucumbers  from the farmer’s market until they had the perfect pickle. The Cali-Jewish deli serves brisket, chopped liver, deli salads, quinoa, and of course a variety of pickles available individually or by the jar.

Paulie's Pickling- a Cali-Jewish Deli

Joseph Ahearne, owner of El Porteño Empanadas, passionately told us his story and the beginning of creating the best Argentinian empanadas in town. Listening to him speak takes you to a place where your grandma rolls out her own dough while the cows graze on grass in the backyard. Instead of importing meat all the way from Argentina, he proudly uses Prather Ranch Beef, Fulton Farms Chicken, and fresh organic/local produce and dairy to stuff the empanadas. Ahearne introduced himself to Resnik by leaving a plate of his freshly made empanadas on the doorsteps of 331 Cortland while it was still being renovated. However, the construction workers got to them first as Resnik was not there on that day. (I shamelessly wanted to take one for the road, but somehow restrained myself.) You can also  find  El Porteño at their own kiosk at the Ferry Building, farmer’s markets, and Off the Grid.


Joseph Ahearne is really passionate about the land, empanadas, and tradition.

Josh Donald had operated Bernal Cutlery through others, such as Avedano’s and Drewes Brothers, for five years. Now the casual to professional chef can drop off his/her knives at 331 Cortland and admire Donald’s collection of new and vintage cutlery. Bernal Cutlery may be San Francisco’s only Japanese whetstone sharpening service. Donald also holds monthly educational classes on Japanese whetstone sharpening.

Even if you don't have any knives that need sharpening, visit Bernal Cutlery just to check out Josh's vintage collection.

The new kid in the market is Spice Hound,  a global collection of pure and aromatic spices for everyday use. Tammy Tan travels around the world to collect well-known and exotic spices and herbs. Normally, Spice Hound sells about a 100 kinds of spices at farmers markets and online. Spice Hound is set to open for business in mid-October, just in time for gifts, spiced nuts, and sesame-seed brittle for the holidays.

Spice Hound has familiar spices and exotic ones such as the Thai Coffee Rub.

Side Note:
Slow Food is an international organization founded in Italy to support local farmers and preserve local cuisine and food traditions. Slow Food is good, clean and fair food. The main objectives of Slow Food is to increase people’s interest in the food they eat, educated them on where food comes from, while protecting the biodiversity of the food system and connecting the community through food.  Each regional chapter of Slow Food hosts dinners, tastings, fairs, festivals, workshops, conferences, visits to local food producers, taste education initiatives for its members. Slow Food SF happens to be the largest chapter in the USA Learn more about Slow Food here.

***Slow Food is also have a membership sale for a very limited time. For a gift of just $25 or more you become a member. Join the food fight!

331 Cortland l 331 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco, California, 94110 l Mon-Sun 10 am – 7 pm

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Meatless Monday: Plenty of Choices

Don’t think that by going Meatless on Mondays is about depriving yourself of good food. There are plenty of vegetarian options available out there, you just have to look. Yesterday, I made my way to Oakland’s Eat Real Festival, held on the beautiful Jack London Square. I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the sustainable food choices available. I recognized Gather/Prather Ranch Meat Co. and made my way over to them and saw this sign:

Surprised to see this sign at the Prather Ranch Meat Co./Gather booth

Prather Ranch Meat Co. has a storefront in the San Francisco Ferry Building and sells humanely raised, environmentally responsible beef, chicken, buffalo, pork, lamb, and vitellone. My options are always really slim and they are usually sold out of the one type of meat I am willing to eat (chicken). So naturally, I was pretty excited that they were offering an all vegan slider. I waited in line, made conversation with the gentleman behind me about my Canon S90, asked the people if the Mushroom Slider was really vegetarian twice, and ordered the slider with a side of sweet corn salad. All while salivating.

Mushroom Slider with a side of wild arugula, sweet corn, cherry tomato salad. I could eat this everyday!
A perfectly foamed, smooth latte from Ritual Roasters
Lightly battered cactus fries from 51st State, the taste is unexpected but good. It’s also vegetarian!
Bhel- a street food snack from Mumbai, served up with a Californian twist by La Cocina.

Meatless Monday’s is about will power and mindset. There are plenty of options out there and in your own kitchen, just be open to the idea and discover new tastes and foods.

Outdoor Places in San Francisco

The sun is finally out- finally without a cold, bone chilling breeze or a cloud in the sky. It’s actually hot. I don’t want to rejoice too soon, but I feel like a kid in a candy store. Hot weather means plumper, juicier tomatoes and grapes also! 😉 There is no excuse to not go to the FM and load up fruits and snacks.  No one wants to be cooped up in a small apartment when the temperatures are just right. Here are some of my favorite outdoor places in San Francisco to hang out and take in the warm rays!

Working Cafes:

1. Dolores Park Cafe– the scene is vibrant, friendly, peers into Dolores Park, free WiFi, and situated across from Bi-Rite Creamery. There are a few outdoor seats, but you will not find a power outlet anywhere.
2. Samovar Tea Lounge Yerba Buena– Zen! Situated on top of the gardens, and a few feet away from the waterfalls. They have a huge patio and the lounge has floor to ceiling windows. Though, there is no internet or power outlets available. Unplug and read a book!
3. Radius Cafe- beautiful cafe with free WiFi and all locally sourced food and beverages.
4. South Park– has wonderful eateries (Butler and the Chef, AMGCK) and a couple of cafes as well as a picturesque park with slides and swings.
5. Sit at the backside of the Ferry Building with a refreshing fresh juice or iced Blue Bottle coffee with a book/iPad.


Radius Cafe- SOMA


1. Magic Flute– an unassuming restaurant on the outside has a large, beautifully manicured patio. The brunches are excellent!
2. Tipsy Pig– you would think Bar Food, but think again. Delicious Southern food, perfectly executed and changing with season. Service can be slow, really slow.
3. Marengo– oh the retractable roof and sliders speaks for themselves.
4. Ferry Building– Take it to go and sit on the patio overlooking the ferries and Bay Bridge. Il Cane Roso for sandwiches, OTD for cooling salads, Blue Bottle for iced coffee, Miete for a sweet treat!
5. South Park– see above
6. La Mar Cebicheria– lunch or dinner, the redone patio is the place to be.
7. Cafe Flore– vibrant Castro scene, lush patio
8. Passion Cafe– haven’t been but they have a rooftop and it’s French food!
9. Starbelly– seasonal pizzas on the patio
10. Contigo– tapas + cava + outdoor patio= happy
11. Foreign Cinema– a SF institution, eat, drink and watch a foreign film playing in the background, under lines of pretty lights
12. Bar Bambino– have the cooling watermelon-basil salad


The backside retractable roof bar at Marengo- Cow Hollow


1. Marengo- urban modern retractable roof, blocking all wind, is perfect to nosh and imbibe.
2. Tipsy Pig– an urban-zen patio is large and relaxing, except for when the loud guys in oversized Flannel shirts and Marina Girls in seeking attention are there
3. Unwind– a large patio, but it’s more of sports bar feel
4. Bar Agricole– quality, hand crafted drinks, airy-modern architecture
5. Morac– Street patio in the Mission, hookah lounge


Ferry Building

Just remember to keep it healthy, safe, and fun!

I could go on and on, but I want to know your favorite outdoor places in San Francisco?

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